Wet And Puffy Pussies

Wet and puffy pussies – Vickie, Lauryn May, Nikita Valentin

It’s all about the pussy. Whatever kink you like, however you decide to expand the horizons of your sexuality – it always comes down to the pussy at some point. Wet And Puffy knows that any good meal starts with the finest and freshest ingredients and the same rules apply to top quality porn.

If there's one thing that Vickie loves once she gets herself a bit of time to herself, it's pressing her pussy lips together, around her thong, enjoying the great cameltoe that it makes. That makes this babe more than happy to let the camera get a close up pussy shot. She brings out her favorite sex toys, mostly dildos, and works her fingers into her pussy until they're nice and wet. Then the dildo goes in, spreading her open and taking her to her wild, happy place.

Lauryn May is a fun loving kind of babe that you would love to have around, because she is all about showing off her sweet pussy and bringing out plenty of sex toys. Today she spends plenty of time revealing a gorgeous cameltoe, stretching out her lips so they're framing her thong. She also makes sure that you get to see just how flexible she is, putting her feet nearly behind her head as she starts to work on that lovely, luscious pussy.

Nikita is the type of blond babe who is always thinking of creative ways to masturbate, and today she's come up with a master stroke. She starts off by stripping down from her racy red lingerie set, letting her pussy get shown close up and personal. She slowly and sensually straps on a pair of handcuffs, letting the red leather embrace her wrists. She starts pulling the chain of the handcuffs back and forth, over her soaking wet pussy that is going to experience one of the hottest orgasms around.
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