Wet And Puffy Pussies

Wet and puffy pussies – Kala, Lilith and Tarra White

It’s all about the pussy. Whatever kink you like, however you decide to expand the horizons of your sexuality – it always comes down to the pussy at some point. Wet And Puffy knows that any good meal starts with the finest and freshest ingredients and the same rules apply to top quality porn.

Kala is not the type of hot teen you turn to if you're in the mood for something boring and vanilla. This hottie is like a firecracker, always hot and worked up for some new bedroom idea that is going to blow your mind. You get a generous look at her sweet cameltoe before she starts in on the really crazy stuff, like working a speculum into that sweet pussy and pouring milk all over it and inside of her. Later on this sex toy loving amateur ends up pissing.

Lilith is the type of sexy pussy amateur who is always full of surprises. This beautiful blond gets you excited with a toned and tight body that promises a good time. Then she shows off her kinky side by pulling out a hand held vacuum cleaner and using that to suck at her pussy lips. The fun doesn't stop there, because Lilith is holding back a penis ball for the finale. This exercise ball has one hell of a dong on top, and she is bouncing on that thing as soon as she brings it out.

Tarra White starts things off seductively enough, with peek-a-boo lingerie that teases as much as it reveals. Tarra doesn't want to stick with just strip teases though, as delicious as they are. She brings out her pussy pump and gets herself as plumped as possible, with her pussy lips somehow managing to get even puffier. Once she's gotten herself super sensitive from this, she brings out her ridged glass sex toy for some extra special attention on her pussy.
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