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Cuckold Watches As Naughty Slut Wife Enjoys Another Cock!
Cuckold Watches As Naughty Slut Wife Enjoys Another Cock!
Those of you who are into cuckold type fetishes will love this one. This photo set was a spontaneous one that actually happened during the Adultcon Show held last week in LA! I will try to give you as much info for the setup as I remember, as this was one of those sexual adventures that almost didn’t get captured on video. Ok, now let me start by saying that the Adultcon show was awesome and I thank all of you who stopped by my booth to say hello. Now to those fans who made comment on how long I was gone from my booth the second day, you will soon see, what took my attention from getting back after saying I was only going to be gone for a short time. This fan, who is also a member of my site, came up to me with his friend (the guy who actually taped this adventure) and started asking if what he saw on the site was real or just pre-arranged sexual adventures. When I asked him if wanted to see for himself if the videos on my site were indeed spontaneous, he had a puzzled look on his face. I asked him if he would like to accompany my husband and I upstairs to his room (I should make note he had made mention that he was staying at the hotel previously in conversation). What I didn’t know was that his friend who was also going to accompany us upstairs, was a videographer for one of the big companies and also had a booth at the show. Turned out great, because not only did I have a videographer to tape the sexual encounter, but this guy also had professional lighting and equipment. When we arrived at the room, I had decided to ask my Husband Jimmy if he could go get my make-up bag from the truck (keep in mind that our truck was in a parking garage a mile away). With some hesitation, Jimmy finally decided to leave me alone in the room with two strangers to retrieve my make-up bag. As soon as Jimmy was gone, I started right in with seducing this stranger. I think he was more worried about my husband being upset about what I had intentions of doing (something I wouldn’t think any member of my site would even give two thoughts about knowing what turns not only myself on, but my husband as well) than actually getting his fantasy of fucking me come true. After some time of having this guy eating out my pussy, which resulted in one of the weekend’s best orgasms for me, I started to give him a blowjob. When I looked over and saw my husband trying to peek at what I was doing (he must have been so quite coming into the hotel room, or I was so noisy doing what I was doing, that I didn’t hear him come back) I was a bit caught off guard, and a bit upset that I hadn’t been able to finish my sexual fun before he arrived back…. Continued Here!