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Breast Wishes, Carrie Ashton

Carrie Ashton - Busty pornstar babe

Carrie Ashton is a cuddly, tee-stretching new addition to the SCORELAND lineup and we’re happy to showcase a second video of this sweet-faced Kansas bomber. Carrie may be inside but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a wet tee video ’cause all she needs is a bottle of water. After dousing her luscious, jiggling chest, she’s ready for more fun ‘n games. Carrie really takes to video and looks very much at home. We can thank a fellow boob man for telling Carrie all about us and steering her the right way. “An ex-boyfriend of mine buys a lot of your videos and at the end of one there was this commercial to be a SCORE model and he saw it and convinced me to come and model for you guys. I thought, hey, I can do that and here I am!” Way to go. Now that’s a bro. Enjoy Carrie offering up her honey-sweet treats. She’s true girlfriend material. Come back real soon, Carrie!

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