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Latin Nude Tania Spice – Pool Play

Latin Nude Tania Spice - Pool Play

It’s Tania here bitches. That’s right. I’m the naughty and nasty spice girl that everyone loves to love and get off to. No one does it nastier than I do and I plan to keep it that way. Plus, I know you all love it because I read all your fan mail and you all tell me to keep doin what I’m doin. You all know you love when I fuck my ass but I’m gonna make you work for it! One of my favorite places to get fucked is on a pool table. I don’t know if it’s the way the felt feels against my skin or the fact that I’m surrounded by long sticks and balls but I wanted to get naughty for you on top of one today. I had my friend open his bar early for me so that I could spend a few hours fucking myself on top of his pool table. I brought along my favorite pink vibrator so that I could cum multiple times all over the felt. It felt so good in my pussy the only thing my friend said was that I couldn’t squirt on his table! Log on so that you can see me squeeze my nipple on the one ball, finger myself by the back pocket and fuck myself right on the middle of the table. The funny thing is that I came back to the bar that night and watched a dozen couples play pool on the table with no knowledge of the fact that I fucked myself on it all day. That’s how I roll. The naughtier the better for Tania Spice. Just how you like it playaz!!

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