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Kali’s Caged Sex

Kali's Caged Sex

Kali brings a meal over to one of Dr. Jacob’s men, now a captive in a Mamazonian cage. She tantalizes him by rubbing her tits through the bars of this primitive prison. She feeds him a banana in a very unique way, attracted by his man-scent. Banana feeding leads to his nipple kissing and sucking. Kali has never felt the urge this savage raider instills in her. A raw, primeval stirring for this thing called mating. Breast kissing leads to cocksucking through the bars. He promises Kali the delights of erotic heat if she will release him. She frees him and prepares for the power of the cock-god. Her sin is unknown to her Queen. The punishment for this transgression would be unthinkable. To be continued!

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