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Latin Teen – Tania’s Sunny Day

Spring is almost here and I’m so freakin horny.  Ok, I’m always horny but lately I’ve been especially horny.  I feel like I’m insatiably horny in fact and it’s like I can’t stop masturbating!  Today in celebration of spring, I put on a bright yellow sundress and headed out to my patio with my favorite blue g-spot vibrator.  I had just shaved naked this morning so my pussy felt amazing when it got wet.  I love how soft it feels when I’m freshly shaven.  So I started out massaging my clit with my vibrator then slid it in and out of my pussy until I came.  But one orgasm is never enough for me so I started fucking myself again but I knew what I really wanted was an ass pounding.  When I’m super horny my asshole pulses until I satisfy it.  I can freely admit that I love anal sex.  I love vibrators in my ass, fingers in my ass, strap on dildos in my ass and especially huge hard cock in my ass!  Writing this blog is actually making me want to fuck my ass again!  So why don’t you log on and watch me fuck myself while I go and fuck myself again.  Ta-ta for now, Tania.

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