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Secretary Seduction At The Office

secretary seduction at the office

Young Miss Gail Wilson was hired as my Personal Secretary. I still couldn’t get that erotic scene out of my head. The little 19-yr. old ‘eager-beaver’ had been on her knees at my feet swallowing the frothy cum from her new boss’s cock. In her fantasy of sucking-off her ‘daddy’, she asked if daddy could “make more cock-sauce for your little girl’s din-din tonight?” Would I? Did I? Yessss, indeedy do!

After Gail was processed and issued our company manual, G.O.’s (General Orders) and S.O.P.’s (Standard Operating Procedures), I took my new ‘little daughter-Secretary out to dinner and we celebrated her new position. I took Gail to a motel where I continued a more personal in-depth training of her official secretarial duties ala Boss Larry’s way. I issued her my new manual titled, “L.F.S.P.’s” (Larry’s Fucking and Sucking Procedures). Of course, the entire manual had to be ‘injected and digested orally’. Miss Gail Wilson proved to be a very ‘quick study’ indeed!

Bright and early the next morning I dropped her off at her apartment so she could get dressed for her first day as my Secretary. As I waited for Gail, I reflected on my marriage. I had told my wife I was on an emergency at our Orange County plant and would have to stay overnight to get it straightened out. I always had an ‘Over-nighter’ in the trunk packed with a fresh change of cloths for legitimate purposes. This was the first time I had actually used it to cheat on my wife. Our marriage was just about over anyway. Jean and I were working with a divorce attorney and we hadn’t slept together for over 2 years. Not much need for feeling guilty over my lie. I certainly didn’t want to rub Jean’s nose in my personal conduct!

As we drove to the office I stroked Gail’s thigh. Sitting close to her newfound daddy and boss, she leaned her head on my comforting shoulder. It was a beautiful day and she looked so damn cute in her short little skirt and lacy blouse. Her loving demeanor and sexy conversation confirmed the fact I had picked a winner of a Secretary!

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