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2 hot business conference sluts in stockings and pantyhoseNow I guess I should admit I have a weakness for older office women. I like older women who have a sense of style and manage to keep themselves slim and who still take pride in their appearance. When Mona comes to work everyday she is by far the best dressed woman in my office and with her high heels she wears and the pearl necklace she wears around her neck she always looks as if she should be a politician’s wife or the wife of a rich, successful businessman. From what I know of Mona’s background she spent her youth being a “party girl” which was how described her 20’s and 30’s but that at a certain time she got serious with her life and went to school to learn how to become a secretary. My sexual relationship with Mona began when she was taking shorthand in my office and volunteered to rub my shoulders after I complain of being stiff from playing tennis over the weekend. Now I swear I never thought in a million years that anything sexual would happen when I allowed Mona to rub my shoulders, but then again since I’m always thinking about sex it shouldn’t have surprise me that sex did occur. My secretary laid her hands on my shoulders and began to give me a gentle massage. I felt like I was in heaven but what really started turning me on were hearing the words she spoke. How she called me baby. How she said I was a handsome man and that I had nice, soft skin. Mona began by rubbing my shoulders but then she started rubbing my chest and my belly. All the while she kept whispering that I was her baby and soon she was rubbing my crotch. “Let’s move to the couch” I then said as I stood up and lead Mona by the hand to the sofa. I laid on my back and Mona got on her knees and after she unzipped me she had my cock out and she started giving it a massage. All the while calling me baby and stroking me in such a way that when I exploded and my cum shot out it was truly one of the best orgasm I have ever had.