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Business Boss In Sheer Sexy Black Pantyhose And Stiletto High Heels

Boss Lucy zara In Black Pantyhose and high heelsLucy had been with the company for almost threee years, joining the company after receiving a 3-year degree from a junior college. She was well liked and had worked her way up to a senior position in the department, although others had been promoted ahead of her for no apparent reason. Lucy was sometimes professional in her work and with her dealings among fellow employees. No one questioned how she had continually moved up the ladder because of her professionalism and work ethic, while there were questions concerning some whom had received raises and promotions. Everyone in the department would agree that Lucy’s looks didn’t hinder her when promotions were awarded.

She was a very attractive woman, having all of the attributes of a beauty queen. Her work attire was mostly conservative but still managed to accentuate her finest qualities and quantities. What she had was cool and there was a lot of what was great. The men in the office did not only notice this, but also the other women knew she was the creme de le crème. Lucy had never heard the talk about her attractiveness but she knew of it. The other women in the office were not jealous of Lucy but they were envious. She was never “in your face” with her beauty, because of the way she dressed. There was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that the guys talked about Lucy when they were alone in an office out of hearing range.

At the office she was the professional lady and there was never the slightest hint of mischievousness about her. Outside of the home she was prim and proper, behind closed doors she was every man’s fantasy. She was comfortable with things this way and never intended to allow the two personalities to mix. While at the office she would politely laugh at the slightly dirty jokes and suggestive remarks some of her co-workers would make. However, not to the extent that would give anyone the impression that she really was in to anything like that.