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Strict Female Boss In Business Suit And Red Stockings

dom female boss teases in suit and red stockingsRoss heard his boss’ voice down the hall. He couldn’t make out the muffled words but could tell she was closing in on him fast. Breaking himself from his daydream, he shook the mouse on his computer to remove the screen saver. A spread sheet popped up just as the boss rounded the corner with her assistant. Ross hunched over to make it look like he’d been closely studying the screen.

“Hello, Ross,” the boss said.

Ross spun on his swivel chair and rubbed his eyes, as if they were strained from hours of analyzing numbers. When he looked up, the boss was standing uncomfortably close to him, as she usually did.

“Hello, Mrs. Michaels,” he said.

The first thing he noticed was her scent, which never failed to knock Ross off guard. Mrs. Michaels wore an expensive French perfume that he recognized from a peel-and-sniff ad in Vanity Fair.

Lisa Michaels was a beautiful woman who knew how to use her sex appeal to get what she wanted. It was simple with Ross. All she had to do was talk to him. He became a stammering mess. Authority figures and sexy women always made him nervous. Merge the two into one and it was more than he could take.

Ross had to work hard not to stare at his boss’ tits. Even under her business suit, they looked huge — a F cup at least, he though. She wore sheer silky red stockings and a short skirt that revealed her stocking tops, she left the top three buttons of her top undone, exposing the top of a bra Ross forced himself to look higher. His eyes slowly moved up to the pearl necklace hanging elegantly around her neck. He made himself keep going until he reached Mrs. Michaels’ deep, brown eyes. Her gaze always left him wondering if she wanted to fire him or fuck him.

Sexy Bosses In Sheer Silk Stockings At Office Girls