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Schoolgirl In Pantyhose Spanked By Her Teacher

pantyhose school gets spanked by her teacher
Second row back, the flirty young girl was leaning forward, as if completely interested in everything he was saying. Really, however, the curvy college girl was giving him a great view down her button up shirt… under which she was wearing nothing, as he could attest to. He wondered if she’d given her high school teachers this much trouble or if it was just him. A younger professor, Daren was about 35 years old, 6′1″ with shortly clipped brown hair. Attractive and very young for his position, his classes on abnormal psychology were a favorite for females. Especially now when the topic had moved into sexual abnormalities and fetishes. When he’d first taken the position he hadn’t realized how full of females his classes could get, he tended to try to get through this section as quickly as possible, not wanting to discuss sexual fetishes too deeply in class. For as much as he knew he had to hide it, he had his own fetish… probably part of the reason he’d become a professor rather than a teacher. He was entranced with the schoolgirl image, the Catholic schoolgirl gone wrong and needed a spanking. For years he’d been picturing himself having to administer punishment to some nubile young girl, turning her pantyhose ass red with a paddle. Just thinking about it made him hard… not that that could hurt now, he was already at full mast just from looking down Karla’s top at her perky, round, pale white breasts. Gorgeous things that they were, and her sexy tan pantyhose legs that needed stroking

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