Office Girls In Nylon

Sassy Business Babe In Suit And Silk Stockings

Sassy Business Babe In Suit And Silk Stockings“I am afraid there won’t be much work done this afternoon,” he said, “unless you want to take some dictation, sitting on my knee in traditional fashion, that is.”

“I am willing to take down some dictation, or to take down anything else you fancy,” I told him, “but perhaps you would like me to sit on the desk facing you instead of on your knee. After all, it is my first day and I would not want to give you any ideas of boss/secretary relationships if I sat on your knee on my first day.”

Without giving him a chance to answer I climbed up onto the desk, facing him, and hitched up my tiny skirt revealing my black stockings and garter belt before parting my legs slightly to reveal the gusset of my teeny thong. “Now, sir,” I said, “what was it you wished me to take down? Some dictation? Because if you want me to take anything else down I am afraid the answer is that I am not that kind of girl. I always insist that my husband has to dominate and if he wants to see my pussy he has to take off any of my clothing himself!”

Jeff could scarcely believe what he was hearing! Here was his new secretary almost ordering him to take her knickers off! I could see how big his erection had grown inside his trousers – it must have been agony keeping it in!

He gave me one hard look to make sure that he had heard me correctly and that I was not intending going backing out of the deal, then his hands stretched out as I raised both feet onto the desk so as to be able to lift my bottom up and with one deft stroke he had pulled the thong right down to my ankles and down off them as soon as I sat down again to raise my feet.

I spread my legs as wide as was possible on his desk, and tugged my skirt even higher to allow him more visual access to what I knew was my extremely wet pussy. It was then that I knew what I wanted most at that time. He was already leaning forwards to come closer to my exposed and gaping hole, when I told him to unzip his trousers before he did some damage to himself.

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