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I’m A Big Kid

1201 Im A Big Kid

Today I was playing with my doll. I always sleep with this doll believe it or not. I know I’m kinda of big for that but there still is a kid inside me. Do you like my matching elephant shorts and shirt?? lol. I saw them in the store the other day and I couldn’t help myself. I had to buy them because they were so adorable. So here I am with my doll and elephant cloths and all I can think about is masturbating… Yum!! I get many questions from members each day but the most frequent question is whether or not I’m single or not. Well yes I’m very single but that doesn’t mean I’m alone either. I do date both men and women because well sometimes I like the tenderness of another girl and other times I like having a strong man besides me who knows how to please me. I’m very sexual as you know so any person who is going to be with me better bring their A game:. But for the times when I’m alone as today… I just bring out one of my vibrators and the party is on!Click here to see more!