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Barbi’s Slutty Adventures: Barbi Sinclair, the horniest wife…

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Two Blonde Sluts Share A Chocolate Popsicle
Two Blonde Sluts Share A Chocolate Popsicle
Well calling the cock of one of my boy-toys a chocolate popsicle, may be more of a Freudian slip, than what it actually tastes like. You see, when Lizz, one of my best friends, and I get together, we always seem to get into some sort of naughty fun. Take this time for example, when one of my fitness trainers called me to see if I needed a training session, Lizz just happened to hear who it was on the phone, and asked me to see if he could come over to help me out with some calorie burning exercises. When he told me he would love to help out, I knew he had an idea of what calorie burning exercise I had in my dirty little mind, that and I know he heard my friend Lizz giggling in the background. Well lets just say, he must have broken some speed records getting to my house, as he was there with-in minutes. Now what better way for two naughty sluts to spend an afternoon, than sucking on a chocolate popsicle? I must tell you now why I keep referencing his BBC to a chocolate popsicle…. Continued Here!