Barbie's Sex Adventures

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Slut Wife Flashes Stranger In Bar, Then Fucks Him In Hotel Room!
Slut Wife Flashes Stranger In Bar, Then Fucks Him In Hotel Room!
I have been feeling stressed lately, so my husband Jimmy and I took a very short getaway. My getaway started out with a nice massage at the spa, and upon getting rid of every knot in my body at the conclusion of my massage, I felt like a new person: relaxed and hornier than ever! Once nighttime rolled around Jimmy and I wanted to check out one of the bars. I had put on a hot tight outfit consisting of a tube top and a tight miniskirt without panties. My primary goal was to get laid by some random guy that I would happen to be attracted to. Well, my objective was easily achieved once we were at the bar and some hot stud kept on checking me out as I nonchalantly exposed him my pussy. He then joined our table where I flirted with him and sat on his lap (I felt his hard bulge poking at me!). At that point I couldn’t wait to take him back to my room fast enough as my pussy was super wet. In these photos you can see in the elevator up to my hotel room I let him lift my skirt up… Continued Here!