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Cuckold Catches Slut Wife in Wild Threesome Outdoors
Cuckold Catches Slut Wife in Wild Threesome Outdoors
Yeah, you should know by now that I am such a slut, and I love corrupting other women to become sluts too, he-he. Just recently, I took a trip out with JImmy, my husband, and another couple to the lake. There were people scattered about enjoying their time, whether it was fishing, sunbathing, or just chilling. We found a great spot that was semi-secluded from the other people in the park. We had to hike there quite a ways, but that was okay due to the fact of wanting the sun’s rays all over our naked bodies; therefore, we needed this semi-secluded spot. Once we arrived at the location, we all enjoyed the water to cool off of which Liz and I both removed our bikinis, and Jimmy took pictures of which I will post on the site soon. We became very thirsty, and only realized we had forgotten the water back at the car, so Jimmy volunteered to hike back and get the water. While he was gone, the three of us talked about what naughty things we could do while Jimmy was away. We thought it would be funny if he walked up on us while we were having some naughty fun. What we didn’t realize, Jimmy was actually spying on us, of which he calls voyeuring. We also didn’t realize that he was secretly taping us from afar. He later told us that he didn’t want to walk up on us immediately, as he noticed a few other men spying on us as well…. Continued Here!