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Spitsters – Lexi And Veronica Transfer Their Saliva Into Each Other’s Mouths

Welcome back to Spitsters, where we feature hot sluts who love to get it on in their spit swapping sessions. Today we feature two new kinky sluts, Lexi and Veronica, who decide to spend all afternoon drooling all over each other’s naked bodies. Things heat up when Lexi drops a ball of spit into Veronica’s open and saliva-hungry mouth. And we got their spit play covered to share the kinky photos and vids with you! Now, let’s introduce first our slobbering vixens, shall we? Lexi and Veronica are two equally gorgeous sluts who have spit fetish and love to get their naked bodies covered with thick saliva. Today’s spit-swap session involves their yummy tits, and of course, their spit, as they strip all the way and tease us by licking each other’s bodies. Yep, these girls like it dirty, epecially when they drool over each other and spread their saliva on their big tits!

lexi ang veronica exchanging drool

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