Barbie's Sex Adventures

Barbi’s Slutty Adventures: Barbi Sinclair, the horniest wife…

“MILF, slut wife, porn star, blonde bombshell, sexy freak, erotic goddess and more can describe Barbi Sinclair. Her massive site is like the rainbow in the sky or the chocolate filling in a cake. Her perky assets and DLS cause the cocks to line up and stand up attention!”

Hubby Enjoys Blowjob From Naughty Slut Wife!
Hubby Enjoys Blowjob From Naughty Slut Wife!
I now know that when I ask my favorite photographer (who happens to be my husband) if he wants to do something different for a photo set, he isn’t going to just suggest adding a prop or two. As you will soon see he is great with cumming up with something in short notice. Although, his idea for this photo set was more about him getting some sexual fun, than actually operating the camera. As many know already, Jimmy likes to be in front of the camera just as much as he likes to be behind it, especially now that he has been in training for an all natural body building show. In the next few months he is going to try to compete in the “Masters” which is a body building class for those individuals over 40. Ok, enough of telling you about my hunny and let me get back to the story behind these photos. Anyway, when he set up the camera on a tripod, I knew he had something different in mind. When I asked him what he had planned, he just smiled and pointed to the bulge in his pants. He told me that with his training regimen, he is horny all the time, so he thought he would take advantage of my photo set for some sexual relief. I didn’t mind doing some hardcore photos with Jimmy, as I know you and he (my Hunny) both would get something out of it… especially when you see me playing with his cum before swallowing it all…. Continued Here!
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