Spitsters - Lesbian Girls

Eden And Jordan Give Us Yummy Blonde Spit Play


Jordan on the receiving end of some of Eden's spit play

Eden and Jordan have thing for some kinky lovemaking.  And I’m not saying that just because these two show up in cock-hardening lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination.  Jordan is the lucky recipient here of Eden’s luscious spittle, though they both get wet and nasty from all the saliva they expectorate and cover each other with.  Jordan sits on the floor, squatting under Eden and waiting for the delicious sputum that’s coming her way.  Soon it drools right from Eden and right into Jordan’s waiting mouth, and you can see the ecstasy on her face!  And I’m pretty sure we’ll see the same ecstasy in your face too, as you watch these two go at it in unbridled lesbian lust.

And that isn’t all that gets covered in spit as Jordan has Eden pose with  her ass out and covers Eden’s rear end in wet, warm spittle!  Yummy!  And then these two decide to go on into dirtier lesbo spit play…  Just the luscious lesbianic action we’re looking for and these two give it to us in delicious, drooling photos and HD video!  Now what more can you ask for when you’re looking for some Sapphic spittle-filled action?  Better check out Spitsters for more of the same kind of nasty loveplay right now!

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