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Spitsters – Jezebel and Kodi’s Lesbian Spitsters Fun


Well, as you can see in the pics here, Jezebel and Kodi definitely did more than just experiment. Not content with just the usual girl-on-girl hookup, these two blonde sluts indulged in a nasty spit play and pretty much had an all out dyke experience. They started out playfully toying around with a cute pink dildo, then they proceeded to acting out their lesbian spitting fantasy.

Spitsters - get into the kinky world of all-girl spit swapping

They lick each other’s  pert nipples, savoring the velvety soft feel of those pink pointed nips, and then moved on to running their tongues over their butts. That’s so much ass-licking fun! The nasty exchange of bodily fluids in the form of spit gave the two girls goosebumps and making their loveholes very very wet. Jezebel and Kodi do their best to keep composure, but you can see underneath those composed looks are hot and horny bitches just waiting to bust through. Whether you’re straight or lesbian, the otherworldly beauty of Jezebel and Kodi should be enough to make you go “Why not?” And who wouldn’t wanna experience hot girl-on-girl fucking with such naughty minxes who love to slobber on each other? If doing it is half as cock-hardening as seeing it, I’m so there! But until that happens, we should be content with seeing these hot spitting lesbian pics of Jezebel and Kodi. You can find a lot more here where Spitsters fantasies come true.

Spitsters - get into the kinky world of all-girl spit swapping