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Karina Hart nude masturbating pussy

Go where no man has gone before. (Not counting SCORE camera men.) To the sanctuary of Karina Hart’s bathroom where she indulges in the art of the shave, one of the most personal acts in the feminine grooming repetoire. Watching some ordinary chick do this would be routine but it becomes visual splendor with someone as voluptuously built as Karina. You know, the debate about shaved pussies versus bush has raged for decades. The Scorecard letter section on SCORELAND is filled with ten years of opposing opinions and the discussion has spilled over to the Blog. From the hippie-dippy rainforest to the arty trim jobs to the cue ball look, everyone has his personal favorites. Most of the girls today are pro-smoothie but that also depends on what countries they come from or their day-to-day lives. Every time bush comes up, the comments increase. Like Stephanie Stalls. “I like shaved pussies!” Stephanie says. “I don’t like hairy pussies. If I want to go down south, I want the girl to be shaved. I don’t like hair down there! If a girl’s pussy has a strip, that’s okay, but I don’t like a hairy pussy. Guys need to be shaved down there, too.” Cherry Brady’s position has been well-known since she first started modeling. The red-haired one brings well-organized points to the discussion that include female psychology. In one of her Blog comments, Cherry wrote, “The woman who shaves her pussy bare is the type of woman who will not make you turn the lights off before sex. In fact, she’ll let you shine a flashlight on it! The woman who shaves makes her sex open and vulnerable, on display, right out there, in your face, bam!” As we watch Karina apply the shaving cream, and carefully groom her beautiful bits in this vid, keep in mind the ultimate winner in this debate. “Whoever owns the pussy, wins.”

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