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Happy New Year, Karina!

Happy New Year, Karina Hart!

Back in the day, getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve was a big deal. Women would put on their finest gowns, and men would dress up in top hat and tails. Not anymore. Now people just throw on some clothing and find a place to get drunk. But Karina, being Karina, wants to bring some class back to New Year’s Eve. But is she doing it by wearing a fancy gown? No! She’s Karina. She doesn’t do things the traditional way. Nope, she’s wearing the top hat. It was fun getting dressed up like this, Karina said. I asked the photographer if I could keep the hat so I can wear it on New Year’s Eve. I think I’m going to! Bringing in the New Year with Karina would be a lot of fun. Kinda like, when that ball in Times Square drops, your balls’ll be dropping, too. Any New Year’s resolutions, Karina? Yes, she said. I want to make all of my fans happier than ever. We can’t wait to find out how she’s going to do that!

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