Latin Teen Beauties

Showing Off



Ha..ha.  I don’t even know what to say about this shoot.  It all started out normal enough.  I was up on a windowsill spreading out my pussy for you.  I had just shaved that morning so it was soft, wet and swollen.  My cameraman had his lens right up in my twat so I started playing with my clit for him and tasting myself off my fingers.  I was so wet and the taste of myself always gets me in the mood to fuck.  I could tell my cameraman was getting hard and it was turning me on big time.  I could see his hard cock through his jeans and I knew where this was going.  I started fucking myself with a silver vibrator but I really wanted the real thing today.  I hardly ever do this during my shoots so make room on your hard drive and get ready to start downloading.  I walked over to my camera guy, took out his dick and started sucking.  I wanted to choke on his hard cock while I fingered myself and played with my clit.  It felt so good to cum as I was deepthroating his rod.  Just another hard day at work for me, pun intended.  Log and enjoy fellas and remember, I am the wildest bitch in the Spice line-up and I intend to keep it that way!

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