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Pigtail Fun



I know you all love me because I’m the dirty spice bitch, but in this shoot I wanted to show you the innocent side of me.  I put on my cutest little sporty spice outfit and set out for an afternoon of badminton.  But surprise, surprise, badminton is no fun when you’re the only one with a racquet!  What’s a chick like me to do then?  You guessed it!  I decided to masturbate a little with the racquet!  All the playfulness got my pussy wet and swollen so you can imagine my relief when I remembered that I packed my super powered silver vibrator in my gym bag!  It wasn’t long before I was naked on the court with the vibe pressed firmly up against my rock hard clit.  I knew I was getting ready to cum so I got on all fours and slowly worked the vibrator into my asshole.  I love to have cock up there but there is nothing quite like lubing up a super smooth vibe and slowly working it in inch by inch.  I came within like three seconds but one orgasm is never enough.  I proceeded to fuck my ass and masturbate for about an hour and I’ve got the photos to prove it!  Fuck badminton!  I thought hitting a shuttlecock around would be fun but clearly fucking myself up the ass with one proved more exciting!

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