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Tania Enjoys Ass Play



What up peeps.  I know I haven’t blogged in a while but seriously it’s hard to keep up with it!  Especially when you love to fuck as much as I do.  I mean I can’t whip out my computer every time I get off cause I’d have carpel tunnel syndrome before I turn 20!  Anyway, since I’ve been away for so long I wanted to treat you all to something special and in turn treat myself too.  I bet you already know that means anal!  I swear, I’m starting to think I have a clit hidden somewhere up there cause I love to fuck myself up the ass sooooo much.  For today’s shoot I took out my skinny little black dildo.  I love this one cause it’s really long and I can get it up there and twist it and work it in and out while I’m on all fours.  Plus, I think the photos of it in me look really hot.  Trust me, this is one photo set you won’t want to miss.  I get down on all fours for you and masturbate myself silly all the while hitting, flicking, flipping and twisting my super sexy black dildo all around my tight asshole.  I’m ready for another go around just from thinking about it.  Mmmm, my panties are wet.  I’m going to go masturbate now, are you?

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