Latin Teen Beauties

Tania Spice And Sofia



What’s up playas.  It’s been a while since I put a blog up so to celebrate my break from taking a break I decided to invite Sofia over and fuck her for you.  Ok, fine.  I didn’t do it entirely for you since I knew when I woke up this morning that I wanted to fuck her but I’m sharing it with you and letting you get off to my hot photos so wasn’t that nice of me?  I called Sophia on her cell as she was driving to my house and I started having phone sex with her to see if I could have her wet by the time she got here.  Guys, here’s an FYI, chicks love phone sex.  Just start telling them how much you want them and what you’re gonna do to them when you see them and I guarantee they’ll jump your bones when they get home.  Needless to say Sofia was soaking through her panties when she got here so I got out one of my favorite pink vibrators and proceeded to make her cum three times before noon.  What can I say; it’s a day in the life of me.  It’s why you love me!  So log on and watch me get Sofia off like the playa I am.

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