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Jayden’s First Time


“I wouldn’t say I’ve broken out [sexually] though I guess most people would say having anal sex in a men’s magazine is pretty wild,” says hot blonde bombshell Jayden Prescott in the understatement of this decade. Jayden never thought that she’d be doing the wild thing herself in SCORE after watching a hundred SCORE DVDs and immersing herself in dozens of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines at home. There’ve been a few lady-fans who’ve preceded Jayden in varying degrees of erotic heat. Famously, there’s Voluptuous subscriber Cherry Brady and there was a mega-boobed SCORE model named Jana (December ’98). Jana’s boyfriend was nowhere near as generously liberal as Jayden’s husband. It’s really an amazing thing when women come forward in reality to satisfy not just the boob brotherhood’s collective dreams, but their own personal fantasies. “I don’t have any real fetishes, although I’ve fantasized about having a threesome with my husband and another girl,” Jayden explained. “I’ve always wanted to do a bukkake, but I’ve never done it. The wildest place I’ve ever had sex is on my front porch. We live in a neighborhood of retirees. Oh, and I once had sex on the balcony of a hotel in Memphis.” The big question is, does Jayden want to keep Scoring or has she and her hub fulfilled all of their desires? See the matching photo set from June ’10 SCORE. It’s just as smokin’ hot as the video. She does it all including kick-ass butt fun. Thank you, Jayden Prescott!

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