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If a guy ever needs anything repaired, this is the babe who can fix your wagon. Janet Jade recreates a pin-up popular with do-it-yourselfers. In the 1960’s up to the early ’80’s, a magazine called Mechanix Illustrated published photos of models dressed up with the work boots, the tool belt, the shorts, the scanty top and sometimes an engineer’s cap, building something in a cluttered machine shop, the fortress of solitude for the mechanically-minded man. She was called “Mimi.” This popular fantasy girl was retooled years later by the TV show Home Improvement for their “Tool Time Girl” character played by Pamela Anderson and Debbie Dunning. This is the SCORE homage and our fix-it girl is the super-stacked Janet Jade. Janet goes way beyond the originals, especially in her creative use of power tools. She is truly an erection engineer.

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