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I bet you guys don’t know this but I love to play pool, now I’m not too good but I’m learning more and more each day. I was very excited because the house we were shooting had a pool table so I got to practice alittle but you know me I couldn’t keep my cloths […]

Simonscans Naked Babes – Leandra Updated! Series 3

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Leandra is without a doubt one of our favorite models on Simonscans Whenever this hot 21 year-old brunette gets on camera, you can be sure to expect a very hot photo session. Her videos, of course, are just as sizzling. In today’s scene she takes off all her clothes and immediately starts using a big blue rubber dildo to simulate her clitoris. By the expression on her face, you can easily tell that Leandra enjoyed every single second of this shoot. As usual, we captured some truly amazing close up shots of her pussy and ass, from several different angles! Leandra loves this stuff and the camera is kept under her spell from the beginning of the scene till the very end. Step inside the Simonscans member’s area and download this complete episode straight to your computer! Click Here

The Chesty World Of Lanea Love

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The Chesty World Of Lanea Love

The Chesty World Of Lanea Love

Let us tell you something. This new chick Lanea Love is a smokin’ hottie. Damn straight. Her flawless body is perfect. The kind of girl men beat the crap out of each other for in a jealous rivalry. Back home in Atlanta, she must have to keep the guys off her with a baseball bat. Her sexy voice on this SCORELAND video is as hot as her beautiful face and buxom body. Just her opening yellow bra scene had our video editor ready to climb the walls as he prepared this. It’s a miracle he didn’t run out into the street naked screaming Lanea‘s name.

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