Office Girls In Nylon

Teen secretary in tan stockings and pencil skirt

katie the secretary wearing tan stockings at the officeIt’s morning, and back at the office and a bit dozey from too many rushed beers the night before, you notice the new young blonde sassy secretary is late. She hurries in two minutes behind everybody else, and sits at the desk. You wonder if she looks a little flustered, maybe she’s hot from running to work, or is she wearing a little more make-up this morning? The phone rings… reality calls. Later that afternoon you part overhear a private call she makes, was that something about ‘you know I don’t do that kind of work ‘ You wonder what the agency might be offering, but the call is short and the office is noisy. For the rest of the week she comes in at 9am, says little, still looking hot in her tan tights and pencil skirt with blouse but still rushes off at lunchtime carrying her big black shoulder bag. Friday you decide to work late, monthly sales returns to do. You ask if she wants to stay and do a few extra hours, she looks at her watch and politely declines. The returns take longer than you expect, there’s nothing in the fridge at home, and the thought of going shopping fills you with dread. As you pass, the welcoming glow and familiar hubbub of the wine bar draws you in. Sexy young waitresses work the evening shift. They all know how to tease the punters and have a string of put-downs well rehearsed for every occasion. Over on the stage a hot blonde woman in a white g-string is dancing seductively. You start to relax. she looks familiar