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Mandy eats out the box of a cute plump girl


Mandy eats out the box of a cute plump girl
Star is so polite & innocent I almost feel bad about seducing her except she loved it, so I don’t. Stars physical reaction to my tongue on her pussy made me gush! The way she responded to everything made me feel like it was my first time all over again as well. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end & I felt as nervous as a school girl at the prom.
I don’t know what it was about Star, but she posseses something that makes me crumble like coffee cake. Her milky white skin and her demeanor did it in for me. Star made me feel like a rockstar! She combined the power of a vibrator & her tongue at the same time & it drove me wild! Together Star and I came over & over again until the sweat from our bodies soaked the sheets we were laying on. This is an experience that neither one of us will forget, I’m sure.

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