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Today I caught up with Tania by the swimming pool. She was wearing this very marvelous pink bikini. Nothing compares to seeing a marvelous angel in a bikini , except seeing that marvelous hottie strip off that bikini. The setting was marvelous behind Tania as she started to become playful and very horny. […]

Four lesbians get get down on some pussy licking action

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Four lesbians get get down on some pussy licking action
Mandy called up three of her hottest friends today with a sexy scheme that she’s excited to take on. With all the girls sitting on the couch next to her, Mandy pulls out her camera and starts explaining what she wants to do. She tells the girls that she wants to take pictures of them all together making out, and then put the pictures on the internet in the hopes of finding a guy that can handle all four of them at once. The girls have a little discussion and they agree that any guy between thirty and thirty-five years old will do. So they get to taking the pictures, and three of them line up and start making out as Mandy snaps a few photos before getting in on the action herself. Well it seems that these girls can’t stop once they get going because not long after they take the pictures they start clawing at each other’s clothes. One thing leads to another and next thing you know all four of the girls are naked giggling as they run their hands all over each other’s bodies. Mandy paired up with Julie and Sheila paired with Jessi and they got to work. Flicking at each other’s pussies with their tongues the girls on the couch would share a kiss as the other two licked at them. The girls end off their little get together by getting in a circle on the floor so each one of them gets to both receive and give pleasure to each of her friends!

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